Facilitating quality conversations with leadership teams

This month Steve Zuieback explores a few ways to successfully convene or facilitate conversations with whole leadership teams.

In Tim’s paper on the Seven Conversations of Leadership, each layer of the seven conversations is important and it is  the sequence of  conversations that is critical in terms of a facilitated process.

Whatever process is selected there are five important tips that I have distilled from my work in facilitating conversations with leadership teams.

They are,

  1. Create a sense of possibility
  2. Bring objective analysis to the current situation
  3. Use processes that create safety, transparency and build trust
  4. Identify and build on the positive attributes of the leader and team
  5. Build common ground, and find simple first steps that the team can take to build success

To read more click here and to read some more detailed “how-tos” by Steve and Tim click here.

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