Sustainable Change Management

So much of our work over 40 years has involved change management of one form or another.

In the last 20 years we have come to understand and prioritize the sustainability of any change project with which we help a client organization. We design for and build in sustainability from the outset, whether we are working reshaping structures, processes, patterns of management or seeking to influence deeper factors such as culture.

Over many years of helping individuals and teams implement change, we know that the sense of identity and experience in a group of people is a rich resource for change.

We pay attention to the group’s identity, and the relevant relationships and connections in the system. We then look at the nature and flow of information. By factoring in these elements, you are more likely to achieve change that sticks.

Ensuring key stakeholders take ownership

We ensure key internal stakeholders are not only involved in shaping the nature of changes and processes involved, but also in their implementation. Change that is led internally and not just imposed externally is more likely to last.

      Linear models of change and change leadership are inadequate. Change is messy and unpredictable. You need a different set of models. 

It isn’t just about getting through crises; a truly resilient organization has two other important capabilities – the foresight and situation awareness to prevent potential crises emerging; and an ability to turn crises into a source of strategic opportunity.

Tim Dalmau, Director, Dalmau Consulting


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