Beyond Consultants - Companions, Guides.

We are a group of highly experienced professionals who enhance and improve corporations, SMEs, government departments and institutions around the world.

Companions & Guides

We challenge your thinking, act as a sounding board, provide new and unique perspectives and insights and share the benefits of our experience.

We will help you build a vision, improve your interpersonal skills and provide clarity on your current and future plans.

Who we are

Founded in 1982 by Tim Dalmau, today Tim, Cathy Taylor and Jill Tideman lead a team of highly experienced professionals who advise, support and guide leaders from all management levels to improve, change, grow and develop. With extensive life experience in many different fields, from managers, scientists, educators, executives, and consultants – they are experts in working with clients to create change that sticks.

The ‘HOW’ as well as the ‘WHAT’

We stand apart in that we offer not just diagnosis, advice and guidance on strategy and process. We also provide the tools to implement the change…then we work side by side with our clients to ensure they have the requisite skills to undertake and sustain the changes required.

Our aim

Results   Achieve lasting results

Performance   Improve business, organisational and team performance

Capacity   Build organizational resilience and adaptability

Capability     Build the skills and know-how of individuals


Skill, experience, trustworthiness, and a generosity of spirit.

At Dalmau Consutling we have years of experience working with executives just like you who are trying to get your team to swim in a single direction.

Latest Ideas & Insights

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We heard today of a man riding his push bike in Auckland who noticed a passer-by sneeze into his tissue and then throw the tissue to the ground.

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