Paul O'Neill

"It’s rare that I would use such a word but it’s extremely well-earned in Paul’s case: he is a visionary. His ability to make the complex simple, to get to the heart of an issue and to recommend an effective solution is outstanding. He continually seeks to expand his knowledge and experience to the significant benefit of those he works with. He constantly challenges the status quo - constructively, with knowledge and empathy. His vitality and energy is infectious. Any organisation that worked with Paul - in any capacity - would be certain to see an immediate, positive and lasting impact. "

Emma Jensen, Director Virgin Mobile


Professional Partnership and Affiliation

Dalmau Consulting is honored to be connected with Paul O’Neill. Paul is simply a master at using his skills to transform the lives of individuals and the performance of teams. Paul is a master of the science of verbal and non-verbal communication, leadership, and performance coaching,

About Paul

I am an experienced leader, coach and mentor with senior executive experience leading sales, finance, retail, supply chain, distribution, human resources and facilities management. I have a track-record of measurable enhancements to individual and team capabilities, as well as operational and financial performance.

For more than thirty years, I have been making things happen, by seeing what is needed, translating it into simple language and supporting the individuals involved to deliver outcomes.

work with clients and enable them by developing in them measurable cognitive and social increasing skills. I ensure the quality of their implementation with close-contact leadership and coaching. In doing so, I create a shift in how people perceive themselves, interact with others and how they understand the context in which they do business.

I make significant contributions in leading, coaching and navigating through large scale and intricate change; whilst bringing the key stakeholders through the journey in the most positive way possible.

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