Podcasts for uncertain times #4

If you are like us, we find podcasts to be an easy way to access new information or gain different perspectives. For one thing, they are great for making effective use of time when you are travelling, or you need a break from sitting in front of your computer.

So again we have made a small selection from the plethora of podcasts that are available, that we hope they appeal to a range of needs and interests.

Four Mindsets to Drive your Success

A great podcast from Michael Hyatt exploring the mindsets that can be developed to create greater resilience, flexibility, and resourcefulness in yourself and your team.

How to Conquer Fear

Take another look at what is holding you back with this podcast. 

Designing a Culture of Reinvention

Netflix CEO and co-founder Reed Hasting gives us insight into the thoughts and management philosophy that allowed him to create a culture of reinvention in his company ’Netflix’.  The discussion with fellow culture leader Ben Horowitz explores pitfalls and requirements for success in creating the culture your organization needs.

What will the world look like after COVID-19?

This is the first of Bill Gates own personal podcasts and in it he discusses the future after Covid with Dr Anthony Fauci – a fascinating conversation. Included here is a link to the messages contained in this series of podcasts.

Cathy Taylor

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