Cathy Taylor

"Cathy has turned my managers into leaders. I wish I’d had this 15 years ago."

"I’m about giving people practical ways to become more effective in 1-on-1 interactions and group situations; and in training people to deal effectively and confidently with conflict. The specifics of these skills are not generally taught in other organizations, and our clients say they make a measurable difference to their ability to influence situations, achieve better performance, profits and staff retention in their business. For 13 years I have been involved in behavioral skills training, coaching, and change interventions for people at all levels of management.

I coach ambitious individuals, facilitate resolution of complex situations, train managers to become leaders, polish already capable leaders and up-skill whole organizations for robustness in dealing with unforeseen issues in challenging times.

I look forward to the next challenge I can help someone solve.” Cathy Taylor



Breaking through – the lightbulb moment. Cathy Taylor


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