Podcasts for uncertain times #3

If you are like us, we find podcasts to be an easy way to access new information or gain different perspectives. For one thing, they are great for making effective use of time when you are travelling, or you need a break from sitting in front of your computer.

So we have made a small and diverse selection from the plethora of podcasts that are available, that we hope they appeal to a range of needs and interests.

The Way to Turn Followers Into Leaders, with David Marquet.

David Marquet, a former nuclear submarine commander, who wrote an incredibly practical book, Turn the Ship Around, is interviewed about how he learnt some difficult lessons about leadership. From these, there are many pearls of wisdom. For example, “by treating people like leaders, you build more leaders”. Like his book, listening to this will be a valuable use of your time.

Simon Sinek: Leadership, Hard work, Optimism and the Infinite Game

Simon Sinek is a great communicator and an author on several thought-provoking books which are filled with practical and easy to implement suggestions for better leadership. If you haven’t read his latest book on the Infinite Game, this podcast provides a good introduction to the ideas he covered in that book. As with most of Simon’s prolific material this is well worth a listen.

Negotiate Anything. How to Communicate like a leader.

A great podcast by Stephanie Hanna, highlighting how to communicate like a leader and build strong relationships.  She discusses 3 of the important aspects of communicating in negotiations… consistency, approachability and calmness.  Well worth a listen.


Managing Stress and Anxiety during Uncertain times  

Deloitte well-being officer Jen Fisher,  informs of practical steps to empower individuals to manage stress in times of uncertainty.  This is a great podcast because it’s short, gets straight to the point and she does not have that patronizing tone sometime exhibited by other stress management ‘experts’. Useful information.

Paul Casey on Time Management and Maximizing Every Minute 

Overwhelmed?  Paul Casey says time management  is really about re connecting with goals and redefining time management as being energy management and priority management.   He talks through how he approaches coaching individuals who are struggling with time management and has a really useful perspectives and some solid practical tips.   

Cathy Taylor

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