Gods in organization cultures

In conjunction with Bernie Neville intriguing piece entitled Gods in a Time of Corona we gather together here the previous pieces we have published over the last few years.

They describe how each Greco-Roman god-image is made manifest in an organization’s culture and operations. In fact they describe different ways in which the collective unconscious forces at work in organizations become visible.

For more complete descriptions check out Olympus Inc. – Intervening for Cultural Change in Organizations by Bernie Neville and Tim Dalmau. 

Aphrodite : An organization which focuses on beauty and pleasure in which having fun is valued.

Apollo : A rationally structured organization which seeks clarity, understanding and meaning in all its activities.

Ares : An organization in which people (expressed through activity.

Artemis: An organization which focuses on achieving harmony with nature, and an environment in which affirmation and protection of feminine values is valued.

Athena : An organization characterized by cooperation, the sharing of power and the manifestation of balanced and practical wisdom.

Demeter : An organization which looks after and nourishes its members.

Dionysos : An organization which values growth, emotional excitement, spiritual experience and rewards creativity and spontaneity.

Eros : An organization which focuses on intimacy and community, in which people can express their need to love and be loved.

Hades : An organization characterized by extreme indifference and apathy.

Hephaistos : An organization devoted to the values of work, skill and crafting.

Hera : An organization in which the members give organizational loyalty precedence over their individual needs.

Herakles : An organization which sees itself involved in a heroic struggle.

Hermes : An organization focused on communication, process, transition, and which abhors all regulation.

Hestia : An organization characterized by quiet, focused, centered and receptive activity.

Prometheus : An organization with a mission to save humanity though the application of technology.

Zeus : An organization based on centralized power.

Tim Dalmau

October 2020

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