Tim Dalmau

"His capacity to see and name what is going on is stunning. Without him, I think our company would have imploded."

About Tim

“For almost 40 years I have headed up this organization of specialists, colleagues and friends involved in working with individuals and organizations in human development and organizational change. For businesses and governments throughout the world I design systems for change, broker disputes. I introduce processes that bring tangible results to Boards, Executive teams and the work place. More importantly I give people the understanding, skills and confidence in their own lives. I enhance their ability to achieve.

I work with local and global organizations, tackling cultural issues and the interrelationship of people across departments and continents. Together, we develop strategies to achieve cohesion and business performance.

As part of this I coach and train people in leadership. People are given the skills to lead others, to resolve difficult situations and deliver more effective and efficient outcomes.” – Tim Dalmau



Why do I coach – Tim Dalmau

Recent published work

Olympus Inc.’ by Bernie Neville and Tim Dalmau


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