Questions are more powerful than statements

One of the most powerful means of engaging people is to ask a series of high quality or powerful questions.

What makes a powerful question?

      • It is simple and clear
      • It is thought-provoking
      • It generates energy
      • It focused inquiry
      • It surfaces assumptions and clarifies meaning
      • It opens new possibilities

Questions to clarify outcomes:

What do you really want? What is important about the outcome for you? Is it possible for you to achieve?

Questions to stimulate reflective and deeper level thinking:

What is it about our working relationship that you find most satisfying? Why might it be that our working relationship has its ups and downs?

Questions to clarify meaning:

What or how specifically?

Questions that begin with WHY?

Remember to use caution when asking  questions that being with WHY.

Unless carefully crafted they can illicit a defensive response in others or force them into a mindset of post-hoc rationalization, both which are usually not very helpful if good communication is desired.

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