Organizational life cycles

About 30 years ago Tim started writing about organizational life cycles and levels. Then, ten years ago Tim Dalmau prepared two papers for this website on these topics – Organizational life cycles , and Cycles and levels of organizational life, on the life-cycles that organizations go through – both of growth and decline, and examined the implications for leadership. He suggested that an effective leader is one who is managing not only the known and tacit but also the visible and invisible, the conscious and unconscious layers in an organization.

About the same time Tim and long term member of Dalmau Consulting, Steve Zuieback, had an insightful conversation about the same topic – which was captured on video. The video was only previously aired on Steve’s website, so to expand the resources available on this topic, a link to this video is included here. The insights and messages in that video are as relevant today as they were 10 years ago.

Jill Tideman

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