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In the past few weeks our world has changed.  For many of us our routine and situation has changed dramatically and the unpredictability of what lies ahead can put us under enormous pressure.  Yet it’s also a time to think outside the box, to be creative and potentially reconfigure how we see ourselves, our company and our purpose as there is also enormous opportunity out there.  Here are links (click on headings) to a few podcasts that might help you gain a new perspective or new focus during these challenging times.

1. Tapping into your inner strength

We are in uncharted territory, both professionally and personally.  With social distancing and social isolation, one of the biggest challenges we face is not only preserving our mental health but using or mental strength to change perspectives and thrive in this time.  In this hour, Ted Speakers explore the inner strength found in extreme circumstances.

2. Reinvention and Creative thinking

One of the things we do at Dalmau Consulting is help organizations and people navigate their way through change and transition.  In this podcast, Manoush Zomorodi explores the power of reinvention.  We have an enormous opportunity right now for creative thinking.  This will hopefully inspire and help you to get started. 

3. Leading through Chaos- cultivating inspiration

This podcast talks you through how to cultivate inspiration while leading others through a crisis.  It has practical how-to’s to help you get on the front foot during this time.

 4. How to set a solid foundation for digital transformation

For those of you already sitting on a great idea Caroline Basyn discusses the importance of setting a solid foundation before executing digital transformation.

5. Wim Hof:  Master your body and Heal your mind

In this episode from the school of greatness, Wim Hof takes you through some techniques that have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and enhance mental strength and alertness.  As Lewis Howes says… relax. 

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