Better conversations with your team – Part 4

So far in this series of short articles, which give guidance on how to improve the quality and effectiveness of your conversations with your team, I have covered 3 of the 4 steps,

  1. Preparation
  2. Starting the conversation
  3. Guiding the conversation

Now the conversation needs to be brought to a close.

It is important to build in a bit of time for reflection at the end of engagements with your team. If nothing else it starts to build some discipline and accountability into ensuring that on such occasions the time is well spent.

It also is a way for the group to monitor their health as a team and put some meaning around the term  – continuous improvement.

The suggestion is that to conclude a team conversation questions such as,

“So what has emerged from this conversation – what are we learning?”

should be asked?

Depending on your priorities and the time available some other suggestions are made below,

“What are the things we have learned from this conversation?”

“What have been the major insights, so far?”

“What needs our priority, care and attention going forward?”

“How can we support each other in taking the next steps?”

“What can we do better next time we meet?”

Now all that is to be done is to thank them for their participation and farewell them. If appropriate you may need to remind the team when you meet next, what the topic will be, who has specific responsibilities the next time you get together.

Jill Tideman

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