Philip Chamberlain

Philip was the driving force behind the project and successfully developed an innovative Dairy Development project for the Government of Sabah.

“Working as a consultant with the beef and dairy, equine, sheep and deer industries, I have served clients in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany, Egypt and Fiji, with clients ranging from CEO’s of large national dairy bodies through to individual farmers. I enjoy managing mufti-faceted projects and being a trouble shooter, helping clients develop practical solutions to complex challenging issues they face. I have a track record in industry liaison and change management. I was influential in the development of control strategies for the Foot and Mouth outbreak in Britain, as well as the more recent Equine Influenza outbreak in Australia.” Philip Chamberlain


Change management, particularly applied to the agricultural sector

Professional Partnership and Affiliation

Dalmau Consulting is honored to be connected with Chamberlain Veterinary Services. Philip specializes in the building of business capability of individuals, teams and organizations in the rural and training sectors in Australia and internationally.

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