Paul O'Neill

"Paul actually gets things done, with individuals, team and organizations, equally and effectively. He has a brilliant way of helping you see through the complex to the simple and the steps you need to take. He has energy and optimism to share and he does so with gusto." – Client feedback

For more than 30 years I have been making things happen, by seeing what is needed translating it into simple language and supporting the individuals involved to undertake what is needed.

I have a track-record of measurable enhancements to individual and team capabilities, as well as operational and financial performance.

I work with clients and enable them by training out measurable EQ and IQ increasing skills and ensure the quality of their implementation with close-contact coaching.

In doing so, I create a shift in how people perceive themselves, interact with others and how they understand the context in which they do business.

I have experience as on boards in supply chain logistics and food service industries, and extensive executive experience in logistics, retail, and freight operations both in Australia and the UK.


Professional Partnership and Affiliation

Dalmau Consulting is honored to be connected with Paul O’Neill. Paul is simply a master at using his skills to transform the lives of individuals and the performance of teams.


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