Dick Knowles

"Once in your career you come across a life-changing experience with life-changing people - Dick Knowles was that once-in-a-career opportunity for me."

“I don’t have a right to make my living where it is okay for you to get hurt. The leadership of safety is a key focus in my work. Over 95% of all injuries and incidents are the result of the actions of people. So reducing unsafe behaviors is the path to reducing injuries and incidents. I serve organizations throughout the world with the application of complex adaptive systems models. I work with government, senior executives and line managers community development and social service providers. I apply the principles of complex adaptive systems theories in manufacturing operations, safety, health and environment, risk management, community and community relations.” – Dick Knowles


Professional Partnership and Affiliation

Dalmau Consulting is honored to be connected with Richard N Knowles & Associates Inc. This company is a wellspring of insight, assistance, and know-how related to safety, leadership, and complex adaptive systems theory. Dick is a global leader in helping corporations make their environments harm-free.

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