Why Us

Beyond theory. Unique Insights. Actionable strategies

For over 40 years, we’ve worked alongside and with individuals and teams in some of the leading organizations across the world from global mining companies to large government bodies.

Across industries as diverse as resources, education and professional services, our extensive experience enables us to offer unique insights and new perspectives.

Insights without tools have limited effectiveness. One of our key differences is that we provide the tools to change, then work alongside our clients to support their implementation.

“Tim’s capacity to see and name what is going on in organizations or groups is stunning. He can help any group of managers, executives or boards.”

Mark Halman, TWI

Our Unique Approach

Our work is driven by these eight key priorities:

Areas of expertise

Our people are specialists in Coaching, Communication Skills, Complex Problems – Process & Facilitation, Diagnosis & Design, Executive/Board member search, Individual & Team Assessment, Leadership Development, Sustainable Change Management and Team

Trusted, experienced, generous of spirit.

As a team we offer a new approach to leadership consulting: Beyond theory, unique insights, actionable strategies.

As individuals, we don’t just work for our clients, we work alongside and with them.

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What sets us apart as coaches, Tim Dalmau

What distinguishes us, Cathy Taylor